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Become a Certified Image Consultant and tap into a multi-million dollar industry. When you receive Image Consultant training with ByFERIAL, you get the experience, flexibility and personal attention it takes to become a success in the field.

Image Consulting Is a Rewarding and Fun Career

Becoming an image consultant has never been easier. As an image and fashion consultant you will have a "dream come true" career. You don't need years of experience in the stylist industry to succeed - all you need is the desire.

Qualified Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists are more in demand than ever before. Whether it be applying simple makeup or conducting extreme makeovers as a stylist, getting paid to make people look good and feel better about themselves is a rewarding, exciting and satisfying profession. You can choose to work full or part time as a fashion consultant—from a home office or commercial premises.

Becoming an image and beauty consultant allows you to enable others gain self-confidence and self-esteem. The image consultant can help them get a job or earn a promotion and is rewarding both personally and financially. If you enjoy being with others and enjoy helping them to look and feel their best, you are a good applicant to become an Image Consultant.

Boost your business and your knowledge and become an Image Consultant by participating in our upcoming Image and ByFERIAL training. Limited seats are available, so hurry and sign up now to guarantee your seat.

Train with ByFERIAL and Become an Elite Image Consultant

ByFERIAL’s intense training will take your passion to profession and allow you to become a certified Image consultant. You will learn from the Image Masters how to creatively implement the seasonal look in Fashion, Style, Image, Color Analysis, and Makeup, furthermore how to become an expert in the image industry.

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Why Choose ByFERIAL for your Image Consultant Training

When you receive Image Consultant training with ByFERIAL, you get the experience, flexibility and personal attention it takes to become a success in the field.

ByFERIAL Offers a Stellar Reputation

I Hear Your Tear - Everyone Deserves To Be Beautiful

  • Ferial is the currently President of AICI Sydney chapter
  • Ferial is well known in the industry. She is Vice President of AICI Membership Development and past President of the AICI Florida Chapter
  • Ferial has written a number of articles, and the author of “I HEAR YOUR TEAR - EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE BEAUTIFUL”
  • She is the national director for Mrs, Miss & Miss Teen Australia International
  • She has appeared on national TV on the Today Show among others
  • She has been a speaker on numerous conferences and seminars
  • Training is certified and credited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). The ByFERIAL image consulting course gives you the career tools you need to succeed

ByFERIAL Offers Experience

  • Over 25 years as a professional in the fashion industry
  • Over 15 years experience training other consultants to be successful
  • 1000's of students have been successfully trained

ByFERIAL Offers Knowledge

  • You will be trained by Ferial directly and supported by a team of consultants who collectively have more than 60 years experience in the field.
  • The complete training series encompasses cutting-edge and relevant knowledge in the field. This includes fashion and style, color analysis, makeup, protocol and etiquette and other topics. This holistic approach distinguishes us from other schools.

ByFERIAL Offers Flexibility

  • You can take the entire 2 week course, or choose the modules separately towards completing your training. We respect that you have work to do, and may need a more flexible approach.

ByFERIAL Offers a Way to Give Back

  • 10% of ByFERIAL’s proceeds from courses go back to society through charities that strive to empower women in America, Australia and other parts of the world.
  • In 2002 Ferial founded “Mums on a Mission” to help other women to raise their self esteem through feeling better about their image.

ByFERIAL Offers Personal Attention

  • Our classes are small. We do not exceed 25 students per session. This guarantees a personalized, high-quality learning experience.
  • Our student body comes from all over the world and provides a diverse and enriching opportunity to all.

ByFERIAL Offers The Best Training for AICI exams:

  • We prepare students for the AICI exams - 99% of our students pass AICI exams after taking our training.

ByFERIAL Offers an Immediate Network

  • We provide a referral service to help you build a customer base.
  • Your contact information will be posted on our highly visited website. This will provide an additional source of leads to your consulting practice.
  • You will be a member of the Empower Global network of Image Consultants. We will provide you with mentoring for life!
  • You can re-sit in all our future courses or any of our advanced courses and seminars at a discounted price.

About Certification

ByFERIAL's Certified Training is credited and certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Participants must complete all the assignments given during the training in order to earn CEU’s and obtain a ByFERIAL accredited certificate. Ferial Youakim is the founder and director of ByFERIAL and the executive trainer. All the materials and tools used in the ByFERIAL training courses are marketed and distributed exclusively by ByFERIAL.

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