Client Testimonials

I owe my recent success in my profession as an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist to my Mentor and Coach Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP from ByFerial.

I attended Ferial’s Training in “Accademia del Lusso” University in Milan, Italy. I immediately felt confident and myself esteem has increased dramatically as Ferial helped me better understand the tools and tactics of image consulting.

Ferial is truly a gifted woman -- one of the most confident, classy, beautiful women I know. Her advice is on-target, her enthusiasm contagious, her approach no-nonsense, and her heart genuine. I can't say enough about how Ferial with her training and presentation improved my life. If you're interested in polishing your image, highlighting your beauty, improving your self-esteem, or regaining your enthusiasm for life, you MUST schedule an appointment or attend one of her training seminars! It is a gift every woman should give herself.

Fabiola Franceschi, AICI Member
AICI Italy Chapter Vice-President
Rome (Italy)

Dear Ferial,

I am sending this letter to express my sincere appreciation towards ByFerial. Ferial has continued to be extremely patient, loyal and passionate about my career path since the very beginning.

Through my research in finding the right course in Image Consulting, I had no doubt in deciding to go with "By Ferial" for many reasons such as:

  • She is associated with the "International Image Consultant Association"
  • Flexible and able to work with my busy hours
  • Most affordable
  • Is willing to work at my own pace.

ByFerial was more dedicated to helping other people including myself and providing endless support and advice then doing just a job.

During my course I found Ferial extremely professional and a woman of integrity. Her persistence in mentoring and coaching me into becoming an Image Consultant is exceptional.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Ferial and know she is no doubt a woman of knowledge and one of the best in this field.

Hayley Williams

Dear Ferial,

Thank you so much for providing such excellent online training sessions. Your presentations are informative, well structured and beautifully illustrated. The train the trainer manual that you provide is a very valuable resource. Your training will help me provide a valuable and professional service to my clients. One other thing I love about your online training is that I can learn from the comfort of my own home and even while I'm traveling abroad. I can highly recommend your online training. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.

Kind regards,

Madeline Gill
Online Image Consultant Training Student

Dear Ferial,

Rana SaabI would like to thank you for the great opportunities you have given me on a personal and professional level. To start with, the decision to take the Fashion styling, image, color, and makeup and skin care training with you in Florida was a significant choice.

Traveling overseas and putting other projects on hold proved worthwhile, as your coaching was remarkable and the material you provided us with very comprehensive. Having taken previous training in image, I can say that your training has exceeded my expectations in terms of the personal empowerment you provide to each individual. I am certain that every member who sat for your training has left with something more of an excellent image training experience as you have touched us on a very personal level. I think that comes naturally to you as you are giving from the heart and not just teaching another course.

And I am very happy that our partnership does not end here. I am looking forward to bringing the training to Dubai and raising the awareness for AICI and Image Consulting in the Middle East with your help. Your mentoring, coaching and support are a lifetime asset. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

All the best,

Rana Saab, AICI, FLC
Image Consultant
Dubai, UAE

Dear Ms. Ferial Youakim, AICI, CIP:

Lisa MarieI remember when I first arrived in San Francisco for the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) conference in 2004. My main goal was to meet people who possessed image expertise and credibility, people who had been involved in this industry for years and who had developed-rightly so-a solid reputation for good work. I hoped to connect with them, learn from them, absorb their knowledge, and then possibly use this all in my aspiring image-based business.

My initial impression of you was of a vibrant energy-engaging, energetic, fun, professional, and inclusive. You will recall that we do not remember the actual specifics of where we first met during this conference ... we just sort of "connected" during our week's stay. I would occasionally see you in the hallway, or be seated at the same table with you ... but then I noticed that you were busily working behind a booth and thought ... ah, she must be affiliated with this company. And she must firmly believe in its product and content to be so focused and determined. Although surrounded by myriad people demanding your attention and wanting answers to questions, you smoothly and calmly handled them all.

I later discovered that you had your own company: AWIS Beauty, and that you offered educational image training of your own. I read your credentials, and recognized that you were the only person authorized in the United States to teach the body portfolio computer program. Moreover, you were extensively trained in color and make-up; I decided to make the commitment to learn more about image directly from you.

I'm glad I did. I have been an educator over sixteen years and am well aware that people learn in different ways: some students are visual, some are audio, some are tactile, some a blend. Your teaching style allowed for all types of learners to understand and retain the information. For example, you would teach by a PowerPoint presentation, but then have your students deliver their own PowerPoint presentation. The end result? An encouragement to not only "talk through" the information, but also some valuable time to practice our public speaking skills!

You took us to the local shopping mall and gave us "on the spot" tests: Which color is warm based? Which color is blue based? Do you see that garment? What type of client would you put that on? That person over there ... what color profile is she? What type of body does she possess? What clothes should she wear? What clothes should she avoid? These types of trips were invaluable ... added reinforcement to lecture information. Anyone can read in a book. At AWIS we applied the information. This makes all the difference.

If I may, even more importantly, I would like to comment-and commend-you for your delivery of information. In my job as an educator, I am well aware of the power of speaking delivery. To fully connect with an audience-of one or many-you need to possess expertise, animation, and sincerity. You possess all three. You often speak, Ferial, of your belief that ALL people, all woman and all men, are beautiful. This is not something said to earn admiration from others; rather it is said because you truly and sincerely believe it. Listening to you speak ... in the classroom or in casual conversation outside of it ... I get the sense that you feel passionately about making ALL people feel good about themselves ... you desire to help them feel not only good, but to feel their very possible best. What a most powerful calling ... may you long continue to do just that.

I welcome the opportunity to comment on your obvious skill, talent, and breadth of expertise. Please feel free to offer this letter of recommendation to all those who seek one. If they would like to further connect, they are more than welcome to contact me (Contact ByFERIAL for contact info please).


LisaMarie Luccioni, MA, AICI, CIP

Dear Ferial,

Linda MaldonadoWhile seeking to further my style and fashion skill set, I am fortunate to have discovered the Training for Image Consultant program presented by AWIS Beauty of South Florida. You proved to be an excellent education resource.

My knowledge of the important disciplines of the image consulting industry was advanced considerably by your comprehensive course. I was impressed by the quality of technical information presented and how it was enhanced with hands on training. Witnessing the application of the strategic concepts in real life situations reinforced the significance and comprehension of the material.

As an instructor you possess the essential combination of knowledge, passion and motivation to teach the important material necessary for industry advancement. I was charmed by your pleasant demeanor, caring nature and relevant industry experience, which established a credibility that made learning fun and interesting.

I highly recommend your outstanding program to all serious students seeking a qualified and committed instructor within the image consulting industry.


Linda Maldonado
Images Made, Inc.
Coral Springs, Florida, USA

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in high recommendation for AWIS Beauty. I have recently completed a highly comprehensive course in the art of Image Consultation and Color Analysis with AWIS Beauty.

I was very pleased with the amount of experience and complete professionalism of the AWIS team and instructors. I would like to make special mention of Ferial and Pam, their impeccable professionalism and knowledge of the field was impressive and refreshing.

My expectations of this course were far exceeded and I cannot say enough about how taking this course has completely changed my life and my future. The invaluable knowledge I am taking with me has provided me with a new found blue print to my future success in the exciting world of fashion and beauty.

It is for these reasons that I find my self honored to highly recommend this course and hope that the experience of future students will be as rich as mine has been having graduated from the AWIS Training.

Elizabeth Hermosa

Dear Ferial,

AICI AustraliaThank-you again for your wonderful presentation at our October conference. It is so enjoyable to work with a true professional who knows how to make your part of the conference seamless. I really did appreciate your willingness to work with us in the lead up.

It brings true value to our chapter to be able to meet with and learn from our international presidents. We are very lucky to have you close by to learn from and share experiences with.

We have made available to you photographs from the event for your use if you should like any. I will send details on how to upload them.

Again, thank-you for your presentation and your very generous sharing of knowledge. We have all learnt from the experience and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank-you for all of you assistance.


Clare Maxfield
AICI Australia Chapter President

Dear Ferial,

Yun-mi HoThis course has given me the opportunity to experience new things and meet good people. There is a word you said that I would never forget. "I will never be successful till I see YOU succeed." I was very touched by your passion and consideration. I hope to meet you and other ladies in the near future. Thank you for the great moments that I spend in AWIS Beauty.


Yun-mi Ho
Seoul, Korea

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