Color analysis is one of the best investments into your personal and professional advancement.

If you would like to move up the corporate ladder, win a job, someone’s heart or would simply like to feel good about yourself then you want to have your colors done.

The 4X4 Color app will select your best 60 colors (your season) to give you that big advantage in life. You can purchase your personal color swatch so you always have your colors on hand for shopping, make-up and at the hair dresser.

The 4X4 Color app is based on science mixed with art and is revolutionizing the color analysis industry. The conventional color analysis is based on the four seasons – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. The conventional color systems had some issues/grey areas and the 4X4 color system has resolved these issues and uses the Munsell color system to ensure completeness in seasonal color analysis.

Apple App Store

‎4x4 Color
‎4x4 Color
Developer: ByFerial LLC
Price: Free

Google Play Store

4x4 Color
4x4 Color
Developer: Ferial Youakim
Price: $1.99