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virtual color analysis

How To Do Virtual Color Analysis

Are you ready to go on a color analysis expedition that will leave you wondering why you ever thought color was so difficult? Discover everything about color that you never even knew you needed to know. It’s the perfect time to jump aboard this journey into the depths of some of the most prized industry secrets, such as 4×4 Virtual Color Draping, that some of the most successful pros use every day.

Tiny Touches That Can Spoil Your look

FINISHING TOUCHES – ‘Can Make or Break Your Look’

FINISHING TOUCHES – ‘Can Make or Break Your Look’ Have you ever made an outfit purchase based on a retail display, but when you put it on at home, you found it didn’t look the same on you? One reason this happens is because you didn’t invest in the same finishing touches as that featured display. …

Learn The Art Of Style

The most fantastic thing about the art of style is that the canvas is completely fluid and capable of flattering anyone and everyone. Each day is its own opportunity to paint a new portrait that compliments your personal coloring, personality, body, lifestyle, agenda, and even mood.  Are you paying ample attention to complimentary color and…