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Cutting Through Client Insecurities With Line and Design

We’ve covered Line & Design theory and personal application in our last couple of blog posts. Our industry isn’t just about the what’s and how’s, though. We must also be able to convey the why behind our messages and best practices if we expect our clients to fully embrace the monumental changes we are offering…

Putting Your Best Seam Forward: The Power Of Line Illusions

Putting Your Best Seam Forward: The Power Of Line Illusions

Last week, our readers learned why line & design is so important in giving your look an edge. Today, let’s explore putting your best seam forward with line illusions.  Line illusion is a powerful tool in your look arsenal, but you’ll need to understand how various types of lines, such as verticals, circulars, stripes, and…

Dress to Express

How To Dress to Express, Not Impress

You know that how you dress matters. It offers either a huge ROI (return of investment) toward achieving your personal and professional goals or holds you back from making those goals a reality. But, did you know that it’s the mindset behind how you dress that makes all the difference in which way your investment…

Stairs to Success

There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs

“I want to be the reason people don’t give up on their dreams.”  Before you jump on the latest fad elevator promising you a smooth ride straight to the top, allow me to explain why you should take the stairs.  From Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs to Ted Turner and Anna Wintour, many success stories,…