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Image consulting

Rise to the Top

The modern world teaches us that working hard and putting in long hours at the office is the key to success. Many of us take that advice to heart and are later disappointed to discover that burn out and disappointment are the only things they achieve. The hustle mentality might work well for a select…

Sunday best dressed

Sunday Dress Code

I love everything about old movies, such as Gone with the Wind. In addition to the acting and storylines, the dress codes in those old movies stand out to me in a positive way. Unlike what you see today, the producers put a lot of thought into the clothes they used for the actors and…

Makeup Tutorial

Learn the Art of Makeup Application

When you go to a social gathering or special event, you put on your favorite outfit so that you can send the right message. In addition to the clothes you wear, your makeup has a powerful impact on your image. Most people believe they are putting makeup on the right way, but a lot of…

Ferial Youakim AICI Master


Those of you who follow my journey know a lot about my goals, challenges, and setbacks. Not many of you, however, know about the roadblocks I faced becoming a Certified Image Master (CIM). Since I encourage everyone to be honest with themselves about the choices they have made and the results they got, I’m ready…