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The Image Consultant Course

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This comprehensive 10-module, online and interactive course covers the all the steps to becoming a successful Image Consultant.

Module One: The Role of an Image Consultant

Session 1: The Roles & Opportunities to Build Your Business & Bottom Line

Session 2: Critical Elements to Success in Business

Session 3: Belonging, Empowering & Inspiring

Module Two: Image and Professional Dress Code

Session 1: Your Image & Professional Dress Code

Session 2: Your Clothes & the Message

Session 3: The Three Levels of Dress Code

Module Three: Body Shapes

Session 1: Dressing & Highlighting Your Assets

Session 2: Your Vertical Body Shape

Session 3: Your Horizontal Body Shape

Module Four: Line and Design

Session 1: The Magic & Power of Illusion

Session 2: Clothing, Fit, Style & Proportion

Session 3: Fabric, Texture, Print & Patterns

Module Five: Wardrobe Organization

Session 1: Decluttering & Organizing Your Wardrobe

Session 2: Planning & Your Wardrobe

Session 3: Let’s Go Shopping

Module Six: Personal Style

Session 1: Defining the Elegant & Classic Style

Session 2: Defining the Feminine & Sexy Style

Session 3: Natural, Creative & Dramatic Style

Module Seven: Skin Care and Makeup

Session 1: Your Hygiene, Skin Care & Makeup

Session 2: Choosing Your Correct Makeup Shades & Tools

Session 3: How to Perfect Your Look in Makeup

Module Eight: Face Shapes

Session 1: Discovering Your Oval, Oblong or Round Face Shape

Session 2: Discovering the Rectangular, Square & Diamond Face Shape

Session 3: Discovering the Triangular, Inverted Triangle & Heart Shape

Module Nine: The 4×4 Color System®

Session 1: The Magic & Power of Color Analysis

Session 2: The Two Cool Seasons

Session 3: The Two Warm Seasons

Module Ten: Business Planning

Session 1: Building Your Image Consulting Business

Session 2: Pricing & PackagingSession 3: The SWOT Analysis & Your Business

Session 3: The SWOT Analysis & Your Business