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Dress to Impress

Dress To Impress, Not Depress

Success is a series of interlocking pivotal choices. From practicing good oral hygiene to the very phone in your pocket, we each make hundreds of choices each day that ?dress? ourselves for successes or failures. What choices are you making, and are they dressing you to impress or depress those around you? Body Language: Your…

dress your best business wear

Four Levels Of Business Wear You Need To Know To Dress For Success

With so many interpretations on professional dress codes these days, figuring out how to dress for business can be frustrating and confusing. Yet, your professional success depends on having the right wardrobe to match your industry, occasion, and goals. After all, your self-presentation is the first indicator peers and clients have about your professionalism and…

Dress to Express

How to Turn Heads When You Enter a Room

Do you want to enter a room and turn heads in the right direction? If so, you better know how to act and look the part right down to finest of nuisances.? What?s Your Power Color? Most people know the subconscious meanings associated with certain colors, such as blue for conservativeness, red for assertiveness, and…