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Black Friday Shopping tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips and Tricks

Black Friday is an event that you either look forward to or dread for months leading up to it. It’s hectic, overwhelming, and sometimes more hype than savings, but you can also rack up on some unbelievable deals. To ensure you’re one of those looking forward to Black Friday and truly getting the biggest bang…

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Wearing Patterns

We all have our stable pieces of clothing that we feel safe and comfortable wearing. It’s your solid polo shirt, little black dress, or neutral-colored suit. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having those go-to pieces in your closet, you’re doing your career and personal life a serious disservice if that’s the only component of…

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Retail Therapy and Why You Should Hire a Personal Shopper

Part 3 – Don’t Fall for the Sales Pitch Expect that sales people will try derailing you from your plan the second they see you are in the market for an elegant piece of clothing. They will compliment you so that you feel good wearing the item they are selling, and they will try offering…