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Red Carpet Make Up Tips from Professional Image Consultant

When you take a stroll down the red carpet, everything must be perfect. For your ?moment in the sun? your hair, make up,?jewelry, and clothes need to make an impression that will last, standing out even after the paparazzo?s bulbs quit flashing. When all eyes are on you, knowing you?ve achieved your full beauty potential…

Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Professional Fashion Stylist? Image Consulting

Have you ever wanted to be a Professional Fashion Stylist? Do you spend your time flipping through the glossy pages of the latest fashion magazine and think about how you would love to be able to dress like your favorite fashion icons? In today?s world, image is everything. First impressions are everything. If you don?t…

Fashion and Style for Professional Careers

Even though we want to keep fashion and style in mind, there are a couple of tiers of business dress to keep in mind. Here, we will talk about Business Professional and Business Casual. First, Business Professional: Men The?primary outfit is the conservative business suit. There are a few things to keep in mind when…

Does Society Judge Me from What I Wear?

The way you dress is a reflection of your own fashion and?style and the kind of person you are.?But in?this age of technology, society plays a great deal of influence in your own choices of what to wear or how you would like to project?your self?as a whole.

Fashion Consultant: Your Ticket to Stardom

Are you a person with great style, who friends are always asking for fashion and image advice? Are you well-versed in the classics, but comfortable choosing what ‘works’ from this season’s trends?? Are you interested in running your own business and earning extra income? If so, a career as a fashion and image consultant might…

Fashion and Style for Housewives

Most housewives don’t feel the need to look stylish and wear makeup, but it is still important to look and feel your best. Dressing up nice and wearing makeup is for all ages. Just because you are married and have children that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try your best to look beautiful.