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Using The Perfect Style, Not Perfect Body, To Look And Feel Your Best

Wondering why you put so much effort into your image, but it’s just not making you feel and look your best? If so, you may be investing in the wrong components to fulfill your best style and best life. Don’t worry, though! We have a map to get you back on track to your best self. 

THE Perfect Body? 

There’s a huge fallacy that’s plagued both women and men for century after century, and becoming conditioned to believe it has prevented us all from feeling and looking our best. What is it? 

It’s the lie of the perfect body.  

We’ve been standardized to always seek it and do the never-ending recommendations promising to deliver it, but reality is that none of us ever seem to achieve this perfect body. 

Here’s a truth bomb. It’s all a smoke show. THE perfect body doesn’t exist, and it’s very concept is flawed. Why? We are all unique specimens sharing as many commonalities as differences. That fact makes perfection relative only to oneself. 

When you seek to emulate someone else’s ideal and concept of perfection, you fill your life with so many impossibles and misfits that your own truthful perfect doesn’t have room to exist, much less flourish. 

That’s exactly why so many find themselves at odds with their style. If it’s not your truth and your perfect, then there’s no way that it can possibly benefit you. In fact, it can have the opposite impact as it holds you back from discovering your highest sense of self, which can only come through embracing self-acceptance and self-love as your highest truths. 

Embrace Yourself If You Want To Discover Your Perfect Style & Image 

While THE perfect body is a myth, YOUR perfect body is a reality that’s bolstered by discovering YOUR perfect style and fostering YOUR perfect image. 

Accept your body shape and its dimensions as your own portrait of beauty. That doesn’t mean you can’t adopt healthy habits to improve your weight and health. But, acceptance is that there are certain physical characteristics that will always be our truth. Height and bone structure are perfect examples. 

Use the shape of your body as a guide. Work with it, not against it, and you’ll see those roadblocks to your style fall away. 

Learning the art of dressing for yourself is a powerful asset to both personal and professional success. Right alongside the perfect body fallacy are the brand marketing tactics that make you feel like a specific fashion is perfect and that you must fit it to be perfect in it. Wrong. It must fit you! That’s the core of the art of dressing. 

This means matching cuts with your body shape. Straight cut garments, for example, compliment straight body types and enable you to feel most comfortable and confident. Meanwhile, curvy body types are best suited for stylized outfits. 

Don’t forget color! This can be one of your most impactful secret weapons in the art of dressing. Lighter/brighter colors, for example, should be worn around the areas you want to highlight and draw the eye. Meanwhile, the darker colors can be worn around the areas you’d like to draw attention away from in your total look. 

Play Your Best Game 

In closing, style is long-game designed to help you win at life as it evolves with you personally. The court will look different for everyone based on the unique combination of the components of their body dimensions, but the first step in playing is that you remember that the ball should always be in your court, not anyone else’s court! Use the real concept of YOUR perfect style, not the fallacy of THE perfect body, to play YOUR best game!